What a “Trucker” taught me about being thankful

What a “Trucker” taught me about being thankful
December 14, 2010 Derek Fournier

While seemingly off topic, the holiday season always reminds me of some basic human emotion that we seem to suppress out of apparent ‘lemming-like’ behavior. The concept of being ‘thankful’ is important and it transcends the season. This is not about made for TV moments but rather about being aware of our surroundings and most importantly the people that we chose to allow into our sphere as friends and co-workers and letting them know how important they are. This does not require a campfire and a round of “kumbaya,” and can be incredibly subtle, but as a leader, if you are not thankful and you do not convey that to the people around you (both your team and your customers, you will most certainly not be fulfilling your obligations to them or living up to your potential.

This is not bunk and the article in the Wall Street Journal shows the link between gratitude and everything from happiness to wealth as well as discusses ways to incorporate thankfulness into our everyday lives. While this is a constant struggle for many of us (err…me), I feel it is beyond worthwhile and I babble about it in the following Video Blog.

Link to the Movember website for further information.

Link to our team’s Movember site, The Clash of the Stache!




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