Pillar 3 – Communicate Tirelessly (Teach)

Pillar 3 – Communicate Tirelessly (Teach)
January 10, 2011 Derek Fournier

While communication is always paid a lot of lip service by business folks, the concept of truly bi-directional communication is rarely emphasized. Communication is something that we have to be constantly improving and validating as well as being a servant to as rarely should communication be a broadcast.

We talk to one another to gain information, perspective and grow. We need to understand not only our position, but the other party’s as well if we hope to continue to foster growth.

Look at how you communicate with your teams. Look at how you communicate with individuals. The old adage about why we have two ears and one mouth, while trite, is pretty powerful. If you are amazed by what people do in response to your requests, you may need to re-visit how you are making your requests and validate that they are being received.




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