I hate the word “Coach”

I hate the word “Coach”
January 26, 2011 Derek Fournier

It is amazingly popular now for every consultant to add the word “Coach” to their portfolio of services. You see this popping up everywhere from “Executive Coach” to my favorite “Life Coach.” In building Plain Sight Strategy Group, there were a suite of services that I thought would be of use to my potential clients. All of my peers seemed to think coaching was one of them. There was a problem.

I hated the word “Coach.”

Now let’s get something straight. I love athletics. I have played many sports and coached many others. I love coaching so much, in fact, that if I were left to my own devices and had no financial needs, I would probably go coach kids.

So why the hatred of the word?

It took a brainstorming session with a trusted friend to get to the bottom of it.


Don’t be an irrational clown like I was. When you are resisting things and have no real basis for the resistance, take a cold hard look at the situation.

Next time you are struggling and making something difficult evaluate whether the difficulty is unavoidable. Life (as business) can be hard but there is no need to overcomplicate it by making some easy things difficult.

Find someone you can be open with and use the method described in the video to evaluate your conflict.


I am doing what I love right now. Sure, it may not be coaching a high school basketball team, but I get to coach people every day. And soon, with time, I will start to detest the label “Coach” in this space a little less.




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