Creating Accountability

Creating Accountability
February 8, 2011 Derek Fournier

Nobody cares as much about your business and success as you do, right? Why is that? The cop out answer is related to compensation but while compensation matters (you are not doing this as a hobby are you) what is more important is true bi-directional accountability. As a leader, your effectiveness is directly gated by your ability to compel your team to care as much as you do.

About the business. About your customers. About each other.

The essence of this is not compensation. It is compassion. Now before you write this off as a nicety left to non-profits and feel good stories, realize that the emotional connection you share with your team and your customers will absolutely impact your success. By creating an environment where your team knows what is expected of them and, in some cases more importantly, what they can demand of you, you will be build a company that people will fight to be associated with. A wonderful side benefit of that cultural shift is that it becomes evident to your clients and your potential clients. Your culture becomes your best marketing advantage and your actions, which are dictated by that culture, become a competitive advantage.




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