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Our passion is to help transform businesses by uncovering hidden solutions, creating order out of chaos, and driving strategic growth through innovative, simplified approaches

At Plain Sight Strategy Group, we believe that the answers to complex problems are often hidden in plain sight. We are dedicated to breaking down complexities into manageable parts, creating order out of chaos, and empowering businesses with innovative solutions that challenge the status quo and drive meaningful growth.

Those are the kind of teams that can transform anything.

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    School Safety: Leveraging Technology for a Secure Environment


    In an era where school safety is more critical than ever, leveraging technology to enhance security measures has become a priority. This blog explores the balance between privacy and security, the role of technology in creating a safer school environment, and the importance of collaboration among various stakeholders. Inspired by the innovative approach of Aware Care Safety, we delve into how actionable, accurate data can make a significant difference in emergency situations.

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    Owners vs. Renters: Enhancing Loyalty Through Personalization


    In the latest installment of our Transformational Experience Technology series, we explore how personalized technology can differentiate and enhance experiences for owners and renters in timeshares and vacation properties. By leveraging smart systems and data analytics, property managers can ensure that owners feel valued and special, while providing excellent service to renters. Learn how recognizing and rewarding owners can drive loyalty and even convert renters into owners, ultimately boosting business growth.


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