You care about your business. You care about your employees. You care about your future and the future of those under your watch. This is very admirable.

But the truth is, your concern for your company and your employees is not an assessment, it is an emotion. Self-awareness is an amazing thing. Separating yourself from your creation and being objective in appraisal and analysis are skills that few have and fewer act upon. Our application of alternative experience with a backdrop of your value and goals all lead to our ability to come in and quickly assess your current state while working with you to envision your next destination.

We like to say that we get paid to call our client's baby ugly. That is a bit extreme, perhaps, but the spirit is correct. Before we can tell you that your baby is ugly, we really need to see your baby up close. Our assessment process allows us all to get a good look at what we are working with - or without.

Don't be scared. We want to be the business equivalent of the friend who, while sometimes annoying, always tells you the truth and with whom you could never live without. We will call your baby ugly but, through honest appraisal and frank discussions, we will also invest in its growth. Your growth. Our growth.

An assessment of your current state must be made before any change can be successfully implemented. It doesn't matter what needs work - the product, the services, the marketing, the employee morale or any number of components to a successful operation - you really cannot build a plan to improve without a detailed, objective and accurate current state assessment.

Company Assessment

The fact is that critical analysis through fresh eyes facilitates growth. As amazing as your company is now (or as broken as it may be) getting clear, detailed and insightful feedback from a perspective not beholden to a long-term career with the company is critical. Think of us as your “business counselor” and schedule some couch time with us.

Technology Ombudsmanship

Man, ombudsman is an odd word. Some say technology has become like plumbing to business. Everyone knows they need it, but most couldn't install or fix it themselves. In an equally industrial metaphor, technology also plays the role of business WD-40 (I said that because calling it business lube sounds perverse). The reality is that technology impacts most phases of business today, even though most businesses are not led by or focused on technology. They simply need it to work. Lack of background and experience concerning these increasingly important technology needs has led to great people with greater ideas spending unnecessary money on bad solutions.