What Makes Derek Different?

The resumes all look the same at some point.

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Deeply technical background
  • Management experience from small teams to entire companies
  • Experience in companies from sole proprietorships to the largest companies in the world

While those are terrific bullet points, the difference is really in the approach. Those experiences led Derek to create an approach to problem solving that is unique. The first part of that is a level of communication and a clarity that is truly unique. Gone are the hours of flowery words and reams of wasted paper in exchange for a direct approach that he employs with you to quickly assess situations and drive to action items.

This is where it gets interesting. Derek is not afraid to do the work either!

While other consultants are far more comfortable giving advice from the peanut gallery, the plans that are created in a partnership with Plain Sight Strategy Group are truly collaborative. One of the cornerstones of Derek’s leadership courses is to never ask others to do something that you are unwilling to do yourself. It sounds simple. It sounds obvious. It sounds like common sense. But like his father said (and others before and after him), common sense is not common.

So if you’re tired of buzzwords and are ready to start:

  • Solving problems you know you have
  • Discovering problems you are unaware of (and somewhat obviously, solving them too!)
  • Brainstorming new ways to expand your business or advance your processes

Click here to set up an appointment to speak with Derek.

The time you are wasting cannot be replaced. Start using it more wisely today!

10 Tips for Success

While no Top Ten list can solve all problems, there are a core set of principles that I feel, if implemented properly, will dramatically change both your outlook and the morale and productivity of your company. These ten principles which will be expounded on in more detail in my coming book called, “The T-Suite: How to Succeed at All Levels” but I am providing a summary white paper here for free. Simply enter your contact information and I will send you this valuable preview white paper.
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Free Performance Analysis

Is your business stuck in a rut? Are your increased efforts not resulting in increased profits? Are you dealing with the all too common problems that surround recruiting, retaining and encouraging top talent to perform at a consistently high level?

If you think you could use a set of “fresh eyes” to review your current challenges, just enter your contact information below and you will be contacted for an absolutely free introductory performance analysis. There is no obligation for you to retain any services whatsoever. Once you enter your information, you will be contacted to set up either a conference call or in person meeting with Derek Fournier during which time you can present your largest or most pressing challenges and work toward a plan to overcome them.

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