A word on technology

In Derek’s 20 years in the industry a lot of things have changed. When he started with Lakeland Electric and Water, the utility had but a few personal computers and his department quickly led to the networking of the entire service area. After those 20 years as well as experience with hundreds of customers, one thing rings as true today as it did when Derek started using a Timex Sinclair computer at home.

Technology really is nothing more than a hammer.

Yes, that seems simple. That should not surprise you if you have read anything else on this site. One of the main impediments to solid technology implementation and effective technology usage is fear.

A second large contributor to the techno-waste that is far too common is related to the old saying, “He that is good with a hammer tends to think everything is a nail.”

The beauty of technology is that it represents a vast array of tools. Being able to assess your needs, forecast your growth and select the right balance of technology is where the art gets added to the science.

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